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In a previous post we briefly mentioned the Fringe Festival back in Adelaide, including: Comedy, Music, Cabaret, Art and more. Going to a few different shows the highlight for us was…

Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience

Picture 38

Picture 39

We had a fantastic evening with a 3-course meal, served by the characters themselves, with the addition of false teeth in the soup and a rat under the table! 3 hours of absolute entertainment; of Basil’s rudeness, Manuel’s “Qué?” and lovely company sitting by. Definitely worth it!

For those of you unfamiliar with Basil, Sybil & Manuel here is a quick scene of how not to run a hotel:

Picture 37 – Hello to a Friend From Home

Picture 37

Arriving in Adelaide and spending 3 nights right in the centre, we decided to upgrade to a nice beach view :) We spent 2 (quick) weeks purely chilling and spending a little money going out. You gotta treat yourself now and then ;)

Picture 35 – Brighton Caravan Park

Picture 35

To meet such great people was an added bonus. We were so lucky to get to know Tom & Christine on our first night (although they stole our space!) :P
But that was all good as we had such a great time; watching the Olympic Winter Games, Cooking together, and of course the XXXX Gold night… We’ve still got the little stone in our tin :D
Rhyme… Time… PIME!!!
See you again, hopefully around the Kimberleys! (Or England… and Spain…) :)

Picture 36 – Top NightPicture 37

Hello friends! :)

It was quite a while since we published our last post, but we’ve been quite busy. After unsuccessfully job searching along the East Coast; with hours of calling farms and the national harvest hotline, looking on Gumtree and running from information centre to information centre, we packed up and headed towards Alice Springs (NT). On the way we stopped in all the small towns, asking for jobs in cafes, supermarkets, fuel stations and caravan parks. No luck! “The tourist season is over!” “We just employed someone else, sorry!” “Get the f*** out or I’ll shoot you!!”… ok maybe the last one was a little exaggerated :)

27th October: “Welcome to Mount Isa!”, a mining town in the Queensland Outback. Just to give you a slight indication of where we were, drive 10 hours west of Townsville, looking for the pleasant chimney pumping healthy fumes into the air. (Rumours have been heard of pigeons flying through and dropping down dead…) We probably would have only driven through, however, needing work we applied for any and every job available (even going to McDonald’s!!) Ending up with three jobs each; I worked as a kitchen hand, groundskeeper and waitress, while Luke worked as a groundskeeper for two different places as well as a waiter. Up to 14h work a day!

Before Christmas we got the offer to move into the hotel we were working at, in exchange of 1-2h cleaning a day. The luxury of a room with air-conditioning plus free breakfast! (Normally $180+ per night…) Nice early Christmas present! Our Christmas and New Year was pretty quite, but still a nice time with our colleagues :)

Three months later it was time to get back on the road. So we spent our last weekend shooting each other on the paintball field (after three weeks I can still see my bruise!!) and began our trip to Alice Springs with Paul, a New Zealand guy who’s already been to half the world!

It was incredibly hot around Alice, even at night we were bathing in our own sweat. The millions of flies had great fun trying to crawl into our nose, mouth and ears. And on top of that: Blood-thirsty mosquitos…
Still, it was worth the visit. As you can see from our last post, we explored a ghost town, entering the abandoned ground mines there (but didn’t dare to go further than a metre into it…) swam in the gorges along the West MacDonnell Ranges, climbed King’s Canyon, hiked around Kata Tjuta and saw the different colours of Uluru at sunrise and sunset.

Making our way towards Adelaide, Paul decided to leave us, trying to find a ride share down the Oodnadatta track.

Finally arriving in Adelaide two weeks ago, covering a massive distance of around 3,800km!!

Picture 34 – Map

Picture 34 - Map

We’re Still Alive!

Picture 33 – PolaroidPicture 33 - Polaroid

Dinner for 2

“Ok, not sure whether it’s good karma, or the fact that we really look in need of more food! But there has been a few occasions now where people have been generous enough to hand their unneeded food specifically to us. The setup:

So everything is like always and Susi and I are there in the kitchen area preparing our food as normal. Both occasions we’ve agreed on having a small dinner as lunch was either big or late.

No. 1: Last week we’re having some pasta with canned sauce (proper backpacker food!). While we’re there eating out of the pot (what we often do as it saves a lot of washing up) we think to ourselves: ‘Is this really gonna be enough??’…

We’re suddenly answered by a healthy amount of cheesy mash offered by a family travelling through! Mmmm :) this definitely hits the spot.

No. 2: Yesterday we decided to go simple again and have some jacket potatoes with cheese for dinner as we had a late lunch and were too lazy to cook properly. When the potatoes were just about ready this random guy suddenly comes up and asks: ‘Do you want some steak?’ STEAK! Of course!! Wow, we’re in heaven. We haven’t had steak since we started travelling, and it tasted so gooooood! Did I mention it was peppered?” :)

2 Potatoes = 90c
Cheese = 60c
Margarine = 10c
2 Pepper Steaks = 0c
2 Chocolate Mousse = $1.20
Total = $2.80

Eating in a restaurant = $80

We’re doing it right! :)


“So I’m trying to post something about the Halloween party last night but Luke is f****** irritating!! He’s probably hungry as we don’t really have food and Coles and Woolworths  are closed on sundays. The ironic thing is, yesterday we went to town to apply for a few more jobs and get our shopping done, went to Coles to get some scones for lunch and then to different restaurants and hotels to give them our resume. After that, we wanted to stock our stuff up, but wait… NOOOOOOOO!! Coles and Woolworths had closed 10 minutes ago!
Just like last week, we arrived on sunday without any food, and the supermarkets weren’t open… Rice with canned peas, asparagus and corn tonight…? :D

Luke’s calmed down now (after eating leftover savoury pesto scones with vanilla yoghurt, yuk!), so I can tell you a bit about the Halloween party. We went to the Buff’s Club, a pub in Mount Isa. A lot of dressed up people, funny games, cocktails, shitty music and a full dance floor. Was a pretty good night!”

Picture 32 – Halloween 

Picture 32 - Halloween

Picture 31 – Bait for Sam

Picture 31 - Bait for Sam

Catching, Cooking & More

Good to see Julie & Steve after being away for nearly one year! Spent a few nice days in the small town Mount Surprise, with a few cold beers to celebrate the day we met.

With less success in the hunting and crocking, at least the fish were biting :)

Picture 27 – Lucky fishermen

Picture 26 - Lucky Fishermen

In the end we took six Black Breams home for a big feed. It didn’t take long to prepare and cook, and it was a beautiful last dinner in Mount Surprise.

Picture 28 – I’m having fish tonight!

Picture 28 - I'm having fish tonight

Recipe for Black Rosie:

Gut and fillet Black Bream
Add some salt, pepper, garlic and a pinch of rosemary
Heat up some butter in a frying pan and fry the fish until cooked

“But getting to the creek where the fish were waiting to be caught, is another story. Muddy tracks all around! I still feel the cuts on my feet cause I thought I better walk barefoot… Should have taken Luke’s offer to wear his flip-flops!”

Picture 29 – Muddy feet

Picture 29 - Muddy Feet

There are some huge old trees out there! Probably with quite a few stories to tell…

Picture 30 – Fig Tree

Picture 30 - Fig Tree

A big thanks to Julie & Steve and hope to see you again later on!

Well this is the last post for today!! Keep reading as we’re heading west into the outback. We’ll hopefully find a job out there soon; New Places = New Experiences :)

Picture 26 – Creek

Picture 26 - Creek